October 6th, 2010

We here at BypassFanPages want to make the Bypassing experience as simple as possible. That is why we have created the Bookmarklet and Firefox Extension.

Below are more detailed instructions, but here are the quick links for those who don’t need them Extensions

For Firefox: Install this first - then install this after restarting Firefox

For Google Chrome: Install this

Firstly we have recently created a addon for Firefox which uses an extension called “Greasemonkey” which allows you to run scripts on certain websites. Basically all you have to do is install the “Greasemonkey” script from this website by simply clicking the “Add to Firefox” button then restarting firefox when prompted. Once that is installed, just visit this website and click the “Install” button in the top right of the page to install our script.

After that is done you will see a box in the bottom left hand corner of the page when ever you visit any Facebook Fan Page. If the script detects that our website has bypassed this page already and we have the content for you to see, then it will show a link saying “Bypass” which when clicked will take you directly to the bypassed content. If we don’t have the content bypassed, then it will be a link saying “Submit” which when clicked will instantly notify us to bypass the page for you, with no input needed by you. We will then bypass the page and post it on our site within 24 hours.

We have also modified our Firefox addon to work with Google Chrome and it can be installed by simply visiting this page and clicking the “Install” button. Chrome should then ask if you want to install. Once installed you will see a Bypass button in bottom left corner of all facebook pages. It doesn’t check if we have it bypassed or not, so it works much like the bookmarklet, just in a much easier button on the actual pages

If you are having trouble getting this installed, then please view our youtube video below

I need help with the Firefox Addon

Then we have our bookmarklet which is a small bookmark that you add to you web browsers bookmarks or bookmark toolbar so you can one click check if a Facebook Fan Page you are visiting is Bypassed by us or not. To use our bookmarklet just simply right click and add to bookmarks our special link which is “Bypass Fan Page” and is located in the sidebar above our Facebook thing. Or you can simply drag that link into your bookmarks toolbar. If you are having troubles, then please feel free to view the appropriate youtube video for your browser below

I am using Internet Explorer and need help with the Bookmarklet

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