The 25 biggest lies men tell women…

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Women claim that men would allegedly lie all day. It is known that most men are saints, but we have to do God knows better than us the whole day devising lies to torment poor, innocent women with it.
That is why I have the key lies we are told by the women daily, listed here. They are not arranged in any particular order and in most cases also contain a translation.
Before we move on to the lies we have a few things about it, make it clear what women say about men. It is important to understand how women think about men and shows her lying in the right light.
All men think about sex constantly only
This is obvious to every man who has had contact with women because she had told him exactly that. It is not really a lie, women actually believe this.
Men can not communicate their feelings
If a man does not cry constantly, put him among women, he was cold and uncaring. They can not understand that a man internalized his feelings more and make him feel so cold and selfishness.
It is the nature of men to lie to women
This shows once again how men are judged by women. As men show their feelings not obvious and can not comment on every minute of their actions, that is interpreted by women as something suspicious, they lie to men also.
Men do not like children
If a man does not spend every minute of every day with the care of his young and Erzeihung, women believe, he does not like children. It does not matter that he spends his free time with them or playing with them. The moment where he decides to go to work instead of staying home and spending time with his children, he is a child-hater.
If the children are grown up, men are superfluous
Bad, but true. If the woman has reached the goal, to reproduce and rear children, the man is obsolete, it becomes a piece of furniture in their lives.

Okay, now 25 to the lies …
1st Women never lie to men
As we will soon see, this is the worst lie of all.
Most women believe that they too, unlike a man, psychologically and morally at all are unable to lie. Yes, that the things they tell men who are more likely a protective mechanism in order to protect them from pain and suffering that they will be added continually by men. Why can women and men in the eye and lie to them believe it, to tell the truth.
2nd Looks are not important
There are the inner values. This lie is related to:
3rd Money is not important
There are the inner values. These words are often used by women who have just ended a relationship with a well-paid men and are starting to re-orientate. Such statements are signs of bitterness and should not be taken seriously, unless you’re into pain and confusion. Men who are not wealthy, should especially pay attention to such statements. In most cases, the woman who one or both of these lies are told, sometimes in a different arm workouts with the balance of Bill Gates or the appearance of Brad Pitt are, without regard for your needs. If you ignore these comments and still trying to build a relationship, you will lie down for a classic belly landing, so be careful!
4th You can call me any time
This is one of the nastiest lies, which you’ll hear, especially if you actually dare to pick up the phone and call them.
In almost every case, they will stand straight in this space, moment in the shower, be with one foot out the door, only briefly be home between 2 dates, just on my way to bed have to be straight up, or, probably the most common variant, just be “terribly concerned” [TRANSLATION - "I'm straight with someone with whom I REALLY want to spend time" or "I'm waiting for the phone call from someone with whom I really want to talk"]
Usually they will take a short time to overcome the shock that you actually have the nerve to call her and then react angrily because they have called you in seo an inconvenient moment. “You can call me anytime” is equated with “You can always come to me”. It is a phrase often used without any background. What she wants to express polite “Leave me alone, I have to do a lot more important things than me to deal with a loser like you.”
5th I like you as a friend [TRANSLATION: You're not good enough for me.]
No man in the world has heard this lie is not good. If you have done this, bought flowers and so on, you’ll probably hear this lie. She knows an invitation to appreciate free food and you will not encounter the same completely before the head. Maybe one day they will call you and invite you leave, when Mr. Right is not there and she’s bored. If you can live with being her friend, who can enjoy their company, of course, a certain Abtand as long as you’re willing to pay the bill and you’re ready to send it passed you by you with a handshake immediately after Hauyse to leave, while it provides a paradise for someone else, take it calmly.
6th I am currently not ready for a relationship [TRANSLATION: You're not rich / good looking enough for me to think seriously about it.]
Akin to the first two lies, but mostly used after the bitterness is gone and it starts slowly, to arrange things for female priority. One might even believe it if you’re not sure, would be kissing them on the same evening in the arms of a man draped in gold jewelry and tight jeans to see
Most women, when in the company of other women who bemoan the fact that they are not capable of “a good man” to be found. The real significance here lies in the material sense. Women understand the importance of immediately, men tend to take it literally.
WARNING: If you should be one of the above mentioned “friends” and the goal of this “I just can not find a good man” should be tirades, NEVER tell her that you want to deepen your relationship happy, unless you like working to let your ego destroy completely. If you do not want to hear in detail what’s wrong with you, ignore this statement, or they will tell you without any reluctance, because you are indeed a “good friend” and they’re thinking seriously about it would never ..
7th I can not tonight because (insert any excuse here) [TRANSLATION - I would rather expose myself to a Wurzelbahndlung without local anesthetic than go out with you.]
This lie is unerversell. Young women, by 30 About life in use, mostly “I have to wash clothes,” while older women “I had a rough day and just want to have my peace” tend. “My aunt / grandmother / sister / former neighbor comes to me tonight” is also very popular and will be distributed across all age groups again. Something like holding the door open for the event that you win the lottery and suddenly they then accept your offer but would like. When “wash wash” the story carry even a shred of truth in itself, would would be the detergent manufacturer, the largest company in the world history.
As frustrating as it may be coming, not at the thought of reproaching her, she let her “Aunt / Grandmother / former neighbor” alone in their homes, while uncertain at clubs make the tour party. This may be done in the present moment a great satisfaction, but it reinforces the feminine idea that men are cold hearted. It is volommen in order that women over men are cold hearted, but not the other way around.
The “I can tonight nich”-a lie is the most popular among the female lies. It is arbitrary, depending on the age-modified with the same prospect of success apply.
8th I have my days [TRANSLATION - I just no excuse and I know this is forever.]
This lie is always credible, if the woman is smart enough, do not they use to 6 weeks at a time. Women understand the fear and disgust, the men feel when they are touching a woman during the day and can play this game to the extreme. However, they sometimes forget that some men are quite capable of reading a calendar, and can continue to count as the number of beers in a six-pack. It is a miracle that not many of you before the 40th Birthday have bled to death, as often as they want us to believe that they have their days.
9th Not today. I have a headache am / am too tired / sick / not in the mood / I’m cold / I’m hot .. (any excuse to use here)
Some translations for this case: “The other guy I trefffe has a thing like a flagpole, why should I waste my time with you?”, “I do not just remember that a man so much fun with my body has. “” I do not want to wash dry seeds from my belly. “” I hate it vozutäuschen. In addition, the children could hear it. “” I miss TV total “.
This lie is used mainly by married women. Single women, unless they want to remain single, do not use it that often. Because women think men would only think about sex, they use sex as a means of power against men. Up to the moment when she wears the ring on her finger, she is a willing sex partner. Once she is married, sexual favors are not required to give you security and you will get to hear this lie more often. Cut off from the way you keep your sexual fulfillment four possibilities: masturbation, prostitutes, an affair or celibacy.
10th The size is not important, it depends on the technique of [TRANSLATION - In your dreams, Short]
If you’re not able to push her cervix to the lowest ribs, you have a good chance now to be out of the game when they first see you naked. If she has a tape measure on the bed, you should run what you can, unless you can see the marks on the tape on offer. If not, she knows 100% of someone who can.
11th I like you exactly as you are [TRANSLATION - You're a total loser, but why should I bother to help you?]
This dog is lying in common, because it initially sounds pretty harmless. The unfortunate recipient of this lie is going to believe maybe, they really like him. Just imagine how you find out later that they all her friends tell what kind of a dork you, but you drive a great car, so that they keep you first, until she meets a “real” man. Of them from time, huge amounts of money that you invest in them.
12th I love you forever [translation - at least until I find something better]
The problem here is again a problem of understanding. Men think, “forever” is from that moment until the end of time. Women think in this respect more like their favorite show on TV .. 13 weeks and you can make a fresh start. How long “forever” is depends greatly on the thickness of your wallet and your mood.

13th Today I have to work longer [TRANSLATION - I have an affair with my boss]
If you set this after a few weeks or months and more often hear, pack your things and make yourself from the dust. You must be a rocket scientist to understand who is the loser here. Make a smooth cut and live your life, before she gets both - your house and your bank account.
14th I must travel professional [TRANSLATION - I have an affair with someone in another city - or - I travel with my boss, with whom I had an affair]
Same advice as above. The best way to find out how much time you still counting, is how many times a month she makes the trips. If they accept a weekly basis, it is time to get out. If you wait too long, you run the risk of your things to find in a pile in the front yard, while she can to fuck by another in your bed.
15th If you really love me, you love, my pet
This is a classic. The pet may be anything from a horse to a guppy, but whatever is there, it is very likely a large buffer zone between you and create it. The truth is, she loves their pet more than you. The step of stretching on the couch in order to take her in his arms, while a huge Rottweiler snoring is between you, to watch for the day when she asks you, on Adolf, while she goes on a honeymoon is not great.
Good boy!
16th What’s mine is yours [TRANSLATION - What's mine is mine and yours are always includes me soon]
A man who believes this lie, can also easily his entire fortune to give away the first man on the street. If you should marry a woman who owns a house - do yourself a favor and buy her a common house. If you decide to live in her house or she refuses the common house purchase, you get used to it, that it is their house and you always will be “called in”.
If she has children, multiply your problems. You will be demoted to the unpaid bill payer and plasters. With luck you’ll get first least offered some sex, maybe it gives you even a little space in the bathroom. Enter only those rooms that allowed it to you and try to avoid spending too much time in the bathroom, on the phone or in the kitchen (unless you wash off the dirty dishes).
WARNING: Never, under any circumstances, violate the privacy of children, or criticizing their lifestyle!
This is the death of the relationship and the next path leads you safely to the divorce lawyer.
17th I need more space [TRANSLATION - Come raped me one step closer and I say, you would have me - or - I'm someone else I'd rather have in my room, than you]
This is the mother of all lies, and said with almost absolute certainty “goodbye” in the moment when you hear it. You can be sure you have heard one of E or more prior to the lies, if this scenario begins.
She wants a break. No begging or crying can save this relationship anymore, so you do not humiliate yourself even before her out of here, quickly and permanently and begin a new life.
18th You are truly a great man, but …
This is the polite version of the previous lie. The consequences are the same. Sometimes this is combined with the previous lie. In this case, you should cd to the place of residence, because until nightfall, they will have each told in the common circle of friends, what kind of an asshole you but as you have it hinders their development and suppresses persistent and you will never in this city come back to the spot.
19th All I want is that you are happy wirs t [TRANSLATION - in Hell]
Still a classic. A happy man in the presence of a woman is doomed. The moment where she thinks he would be happy, they will do everything that he feels bad. For reasons far from any logic, women make the men responsible for the pain of childbirth and it is their God-given right to have suffering men for the rest of their lives. If she tells you they want you to be happy, you search for a hobby or take a second job, anything that keeps you away from home and especially out of their way, or you’ll pay dearly.
What’s worse is that they first you said she wants to see you happy and then you prescribe, what makes you happy. If you think they mean soccer on Sunday afternoon to see with friends and beer, did you mistaken. She talks rather go shopping (you pay) and then visit with her mother.
20th I want a child of yours [TRANSLATION - I'll probably get into this male-dominated judiciary no maintenance from you, I try less to squeeze as much child support as possible for out of you.]
Women love children, especially their own. Sometimes they even refer you to a future in their plan, especially if you’re the one with the life insurance. After the children are there, you can just as easily pull into the garage, she has no more use for you. You can put yourself lucky if you’re not relegated to the sofa, so the child can sleep in your bed and so closer to her, and especially out of the reach of your influence.
21st I’m worried about your health [TRANSLATION - If you think I would waste the best years of my life working to maintain yourself, while I might be on a cruise, think again about this.]
This is the moment when men are biologically at a disadvantage. Women outlive us by about 10 years and they know it. Thus, in the age to 50, they reach the “cruise old age”. This is the time in their lives where they think about life after marriage, go for a time that brings together the prospective widows all, on a cruise and tell each other what they had for the terrible years of marriage she and that it was time, that the old geezer has finally screwed up the ass. If you’re in the prime of life and every morning your wife feels your pulse, you should fast ride into the sunset, she already has plans for the time without you.
When you begin, you abzufüttern with frozen meals, you can be sure she has already bought the ticket ..

22nd I look at you rather than big brother [TRANSLATION - Before you get a hand in my pants, hell freezes over.]
This lie is like going to the “good friend” lie, with the exception that you are not even the dubious pleasure of an evening alone have shared with her virtually. If you hear this lie for the second time, you can register schonmal on a series of frustrating calls to set up, where they will ask you for advice with problems with other men. Because they know that you’re a man, you know also how men tick and you’ll certainly want to share this information with her. It will introduce you to each new glasses and never understand why you are not looking forward to meet him. You will eventually notice that you are a male, but it is completely beyond their imagination, that you may have feelings for her could go beyond the role as adviser and protector. See that you get away and do not forget to write ..
23rd I want you to success have [TRANSLATION - I have absolutely no desire to live the rest of my life from your measly salary should be, so they too, that you have enough chase up, to allow me the lifestyle I deserve.]
This little untruth You’ll usually just after they got to know someone who would be able to allow her to this lifestyle, get to hear. Normally, this lie will be heard at the beginning of a normal relationship, with longer relationships are usually used to lie below.
24th I’m just in the way you [TRANSLATION - Our paperboy makes more than you, so I let you live alone in the swamp, while I go dig for gold, you loser]
When you hear this lie, you can sure bet a month’s salary that she has already found your successor and will soon bask in the South Pacific on his yacht. Of course they will not stop them from taking you up on all the clothes you wear on your body. If they fit you in size, they will take.
Remember, not all efforts to arrive at them on your part against an average salary.
25th I would like to know what you think [TRANSLATION - 1 Let me see, how you want to extricate yourself now. - 2 I already know what you think. - 3 I already know your opinion, do not try to tell me something else. - 4 As if I did something on your mind, I just want to fight.]
This is the grand prize. There is absolutely no escape from this situation. In 9 out of 10 cases she has been thinking all day about it and determined what should be the right answer. Sure, you have no idea what the correct answer looks like, but if they do not immediately hears exactly this out of your mouth, that was it
No matter what you say and how you say it, it will be the wrong thing. Your best chance is to try to give the correct answer, no matter how far it is away from the truth. She will always put you under, to lie, perhaps you can at least limit the damage.
WARNING: Never, ever, tell a woman, except perhaps your own mother, what do you really think. Especially not if you so reveal to your feelings. If you do that, you’re from the moment their prisoner. They will possess you, your belongings and keep calling until her death.
The only thing worse than an angry woman is a woman who knows your most intimate secrets. You do not seriously believe that they will not use this sometime in the future against you?
It was they, the 25 biggest lies. There are probably even more, but these are the most important. If the translations you internalize and react properly, you have good chances of surviving a relationship. Remember, the person with whom you’re dealing with is not like us. They think differently and act differently.
They will accept you may never have another as equals. Perhaps they will never see you as anything other than household inventory that you used when you need it and drops when it is useless. Or as a pet that you keep until you have about it. Learn from your mistakes and not think a minute, you would not make. Your survival in a hostile environment depends on it.

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  2. grrrawrr
    February 4th, 2012 at 17:25 | #2

    this is so mean, i read this hoping for insight on what i can do better, instead i got my entire “species” degraded. Feamles sound like dragon ladies in this :( it made me cry, cuz its so far from the truth!

  3. smh
    May 18th, 2012 at 19:01 | #3

    I looove how small you made the lies for men.. Haha. Apparently, you’ve had horrible cases of dating the wrong women. And clearly you are single. You don’t know what half of those sayings mean. I’ve seen you put a lot of thought into this, but clearly your conclusions are not accurate. I hope you find someone who meets your high standards because not many men who approach women with these opinions get to have a lifetime partner. If you degrade women like this, don’t expect to ever have one. Men and women DO NOT think/act/say anything alike, so how can you compare them?! You grow up differently so how can you think that anything men and women go threw is the same?! Did you ever think that the problem is not women.. or men. It’s you.